SI-380 Canister Steamer

$149.99 MSRP

If you want things to look clean and fresh, without having to use a lot of products, the SI-380 is the chemical-free, multi-use, low wear-and-tear way to keep things looking their best. With professional steam power and a versatile array of attachments, the SI-380 is designed for tackling the difficult jobs throughout your home.

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Item Weight 10.62 lbs.
Item Height 10 in.
Item Depth 11.25 in.
Item Width 11.25 in.
Hertz 60 HZ
Volts 120
Watts 1400
Water Capacity 54 oz
Heating Time 7 min
Steam Duration Min 43 min
PowerCord Length 18 ft.
Amps 12
Water Fill Method Measuring Cup (16 oz)
PowerCord Plug Type 3-Pin Grounded